DIY Painted Furniture

Painted Furniture DIY Painted FurnitureYellow Painted Console Cabinet by Juneeason on Etsy

In recent years, there has been a return to painted furniture in interior magazines and furniture stores. And there is a lovely elegance to having painted pieces in the home. It can look great, whether it’s kitchen, dining, bedroom or living room furniture.

There is plenty of painted furniture available on sale on the internet and in the high street. However, it’s also something that you can try for yourself with pieces of furniture you already have. Here’s how:


Take off any handles or knobs. If the furniture hasn’t been painted before, then check the surface for any knots. You’ll need to apply a knotting solution and let this dry before doing anything else. Next put a water-based primer on the wood to prepare it for painting.

If the piece has been painted, sand it down with fine sandpaper to remove any flaky or old paint. Wash the surface and then apply water-based primer for wood before painting.

Painted French Chest 500x416 DIY Painted Furniture

Brightly Painted Pink French Chest Featured On The Paris Apartment Blog


Apply water-based acrylic paint with a brush, following the grain of the wood. Apply a thin amount – thick paint doesn’t dry very well. Leave it to dry and then smooth any marks away with fine sandpaper. Apply a second coat.


You may like the matt painted look or you may want to apply a different finish using wax or a glaze. You can create a distressed look by lightly sanding patches on the edges after the paint has dried. This should be done before you apply the final wax or glaze.

As you can appreciate, this is a labour of love to a certain extent, and it’s easier to do this with pieces of furniture that is made up of large surface areas. Other items are a little fiddly to paint yourself. One such example would be a wine rack. You can always opt to buy the more complicated items though – for example, there are a number of painted wine racks from Furnishing Homes.

Check out my favorite painted pieces on esty

TheWoodress on esty Vibrant Bright Coral Nightstands 500x380 DIY Painted Furniture

The Woodress on Esty - Vibrant Bright Coral Nightstands  500x380 DIY Painted Furniture

Painted Empire Chest- The Weathered Door Blog

french linen gray console centsational girl 500x438 DIY Painted Furniture

French Gray Console Table

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