Fun Furniture Painting Ideas

Flessas Design - Painted Benches

Painting furniture can be a great alternative to buying new furniture. A fresh coat of paint can change an old boring piece into something new and beautiful. Here are some great ideas for refurbishing old, used or boring furniture into something extraordinary:

1.    Classic Style – Cream or other shades of white bring a rustic and classic feeling to furniture. To add more style, accent with stripes. For a classic French look, try grey stripes. For a more country feel, add a touch of classic country blue.

2.    Fancy Feel – Mirrors are a great way to open up a room, but a plain mirror can be a bit boring. To take a plain mirror to the next level, paint on some design interest. By using stencils, you can create a beautiful original design without any expensive investments.

3.    Kids Rooms – In a child’s room, painting furniture in primary colors is a great way to bring a fun feel to the room. Paint a small table and chairs in complementary colors and creative, hand painting on top.

4.    On the Patio – Even cast iron furniture can be painted up and revived. Outdoor furniture has a way of getting worn and faded. Spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. Stick with classic black to preserve the original style or brighten your yard with neon colors.

Michelle Nussbaumer on One Kings Lane

5.    Change it Up–Reimagine that old dresser. By taking out the drawers and painting the inside and outside in bright colors you can create a cute wardrobe for dress up clothes or even a homemade doll house.

6.    Go Crazy –Even the plainest furniture can be turned into a work of art with the addition of a little paint. Consider a high gloss on modern furniture, and brighter egg shell finishes on primitive piece.  You can turn something that fades into the background into something that really stands out.

These are just a few of the ideas of what you can do with a fresh coat of paint. Have fun and get creative with your furniture!

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Vibrant Blue Painted Dough Box

Blue Painted Bench

Unpretentious Blue Painted Wood Bench

Picture Credit- Lavender Dresser From Junk 2 Funk

Vintage Chinese Red Lacquer Garden Seat From Chelsea Marketeers

French Painted Red Cane Chair

Custom-Painted Secretary

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