Incorporating Red and Green Color Shades in Your Home

Julia Reed's 1847 Greek Revival House In New Orleans

Julia Reed's 1847 Greek Revival House In New Orleans

Most of the people think that red and green suits only in festive season like on Christmas but it is not true. The red and green are such beautiful and vibrant colors as they can glorify your home at any time. Be bold and don’t be shy on using the pop of red and green in your home even when it’s not Christmas. The red and green with stunning accents such as golden, white, yellows, lavenders and oranges makes a magical colorful home. It is not necessary to use the red and green at the same time. You can incorporate only green or only red to have a ravishing décor of your home. Let me help you how to use these bold colors in your home.

Go green in your living room:

You can go green in your living room in the following ways

·If you have combined are for the kitchen and the living room then lime green dividers will look beautiful to separate the kitchen area.

·Keep the kitchen in the neutral colors and decorate the living room with earthy tones of green.

·For a more visible add a chair or sofa in lime green. Don’t be afraid of lime green. It looks great and will catch the eye of any visitor.

·Use the green pillows on white or rustic sofa. It will look stunning.

1 Sunset November 2012

Sunset November 2012

How about a red living room?

Red is the color of passion so if you are passionate enough use the red in your living room. Red will always be used with different accents. You can use it in the following ways

·For a living room with complementary color Platte, a use of paintings having red as dominant color will enhance the glamour of the living room. If the red is too dominating use the vintage style cheap canvas print along with it to offset the dominance of red.

·Add red and blue rug with blue color Platte of the living room

·Red drapes with white walls and windows are perfect window treatment.

·Hang a large mirror painted in red on the front wall of the living room. It will become the focal point in your living room.

·A sky blue sofa can be are elegant choice for a modern living room.

· Decorate your banister with red- place small pots of red roses at the bottom of the banister. It will glorify the entire look of your home. And if you want to go green then paste the artificial green bushes on the banister. It will look as if you have brought the outdoors inside your home.

·The mantel is the place to change up your decorating ideas. Consider using green glass bottles, fill them with water and place flowers in it.

Outdoor décor with red and green:

The other way to incorporate red outside is to paint the main door in red paint.  Place the lush green distressed urns near the door and welcome your guests with vibrant colors.

Have fun and play with the psychology of red and green.

About the Author:

AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography. His expertise belongs to

India Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

India Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

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