Painted Red Furniture

Red is one of the most shocking colors on the color wheel.  When my husband and I first got married, and upon moving into our first apartment he insisted that we go with red, because it was one of his favorite colors.  I don't know what it is, men love red!  Perhaps because the color is a bit aggressive and manly.  We painted our kitchen in red, and the color we choose was absolutely ravishing, except over time, it became too intense because the room was very small to begin with.  What we should have done was worked with beige, or a neutral wall color and featured a stunning painted red bookshelf as the feature in the kitchen instead of the walls.  Bright colors, or dark colors can be very tricky to work with because they can make a room appear much smaller and closed in than it really is.  If you do plan on using red, consider a room that is very bright, or consider adding some extra light to compensate for the dark color.   Many people try painting just one wall in an outspoken color and often times it draws attention to the joint where the other wall color begins.  Consider adding in the color red in painted accent furniture or throws and art.

If you do decide to go with red, consider adding in other elements which are red.  Like the picture above, a french chair sits in front of a red wall.  Consider working with reds which have no sheen if you plan on painting the walls.  Any sort of shine will bring to light the imperfections in the room.  Either go with eggshell or a satin for the walls, and a satin for furniture.

Paintings can really push a red room to be extremely elegant.  Consider adding number of large scale lighter colored pictures on the wall.

Portraits are among my favorite colors to work with.  If you are working with oil paintings, consider "like" colors on the color wheel like pinks and oranges, or go for something opposite with greens and blues for something that gives the room a little punch.  Adding a lot of paintings and lighter colored wall art will allow your eyes to settle on a lighter aspect in the room.

Many people love red, and when it comes to red, often times less is more.  Painting a chest in red, and adding  brass hardware and keyholes can be a way of adding that bold color into your room without being swallowed up by it.

Painting accent chairs and tables in red can be a way of punching up a room that is designed around neutrals.  Glossy red furniture works well with regency furniture, while a distressed red works wonderful with colonial looking pieces.  Picking the right hue will give your furniture either a historical look, or modern feel.

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