Spring Cleaning- Donate And Upgrade Your Furniture

You've gathered supplies for the end of the world. You save every piece of scrap you can, just in case you need it for the next Pinterest craft. Your friends have labeled you as "hoarder" and think you need to start decluttering your life, and your home. A simple Internet search of "tips for reducing clutter in the home," will give you more than two million results. It seems you're not alone. According to a 2008 survey conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers, 65 percent of respondents noted their house was at least moderately disorganized and 71 percent thought their quality of life would improve if they were better organized.

With so many tips and tricks to a clutter-free home, you can relax and breath easy after one weekend of organizing. Just remember: simplify. You don't need three semi-working blenders or 5 couches in your home. Here's what you can do:

For the Living Room

If you love knitting, don't leave everything out in the open. Contain it in a wicker basket next to the couch. Does your man love reading the newspaper? Place it on a metal tray in the morning and throw out the paper at the end of the day. Take a few minutes every day and do a "sweep" of the room. Pick up any toys left by children or supermarket ads you left on the couch. Do you have three couches in your living room? Why? Are you expecting an army to pop by at any moment? Sell or donate a couch, you don't need three.

For all those sentimental items you can't bear to toss, don't let them clutter your space. Rent out a personal storage unit, which can be found on almost every street corner. Interesting fact: The self storage industry generated more than $22 billion in the U.S. in 2011, according to the Self Storage Association.

For the Office

Isn't it about time you switched to paperless billing? Do you really need a statement every month from your bank or the electric company letting you know your bill is due soon? Monitoring these online can save you a mountain of papers floating around your office desk and save you time, too! How? Now you don't have to spend an afternoon shredding document after document. And most companies will offer you incentives to switch to paperless. And did I mention it's better for the environment? The paper, water and greenhouse gases that companies produce to make your statements will cut down drastically.

Do you have a dozen software CD's in your desk drawer? Why? If you've already downloaded the software or program to your computer then why keep the disk? Don't just toss them in the trash, the contents of the CDs can be toxic to the environment and the plastic could take years to decompose. Find a local company who will take them for you and dispose of them properly.

For the Bedroom

If you're still holding on to 10 sets of sheets, including those floral bed sheets you've had for a decade, please toss them. I beg of you. With so many great sales throughout the year, there's plenty of opportunity for you to get new sheets. And you really only need two sets; that way when you're washing one set, there will always be a clean set ready for you to use.

Can't wait till the sequel to your book comes out? When it does, don't buy the book. Instead, take a trip to the library or buy an e-version of it. I admit, I had a problem with this at first. I love having my own copy I can hold. But it takes up so much room! Before you know it, you'll have more bookshelves than any one person needs.

Guest Post -Janice Carr- Janice is a freelance writer who shares her tips and recipes with readers online.

DIY Dipped Coral Entry Table By Emily At the sweet beast

Sanderson Wallpaper

Jonathan Adler Chippendale Side Chair


Coral Painted Table -  heart handmade | originally 101 woonideeen

Pop Art Painted Furniture Silvia Zacchello

Tv show producer and a blogger Janet Lee's Home.  Author of Living in a Nutshell

Green Painted Bentwood Chair From The Conran Shop

A Vintage Chair Updated With White Paint and Lime Upholstery- House To Home

Lonny Magazine 2010 Designer Cath Kidston

Lonny Magazine 2010 Designer Cath Kidston

Lonny Magazine 2010 Designer Cath Kidston

Farrow & Ball Paint is used in this green living room with painted furniture in the same color tones.  Featured on House to Home.  A Chinese Chippendale Chair is updated with paint.

Painted Cabinets - Featured in Lonny Magazine

Paint Dipped Furniture From House And Home

Hand-painted Bamboo Brooches by Whimsy Milieu

Use different colours, like this playful & colourful range from UM project

A DIY dipped tutorial from house of earnest

Consider Dipping Your Furniture, such as seen with these painted clips

Use Painters Tape On Your Chests and Dressers and Combine Two Colors

Photos courtesy of Lostine Baguette Board with milk paint dipped edges

Use Natural Wood With Brighter Paint Colors.  Picture Pure Deco


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