The Maison Blanche Paint Company

Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Vintage Furniture Paint is a premium no-prep Furniture Paint. Their formula contains chalk and will adhere to almost any surface. They specialize in quality paint that dries to a signature smooth and velvety finish.

The Maison Blanche paint line does not contain chemical drying […]

Chalkboard Paint: A Great Idea for Kids’ Furniture!

Chalk Board Wall Paint

There is something about chalkboards that appeals to children. Perhaps it is the idea of writing on a wall (which children are often told they aren’t allowed to do,) or maybe it is because of the opportunity for creative expression. Whatever the reason, chalkboards and […]

Green Dreams: Environmentally Friendly Restoration Furniture

Chicken Wire Panelled French Armoire Holding A Collection Of Hats

Art dealer Guy Morrison and Penny Morrison Wales Home.

There’s nothing better than polishing off your favorite room with a hypnotizing piece of furniture that gets all your visitors talking, except maybe a hand-painted piece created with environmentally friendly supplies […]