Top Primers to Use When Painting Furniture


Painting is one of the easiest and most economical ways to update a piece of furniture for a fresh new home look. A little time and some materials make painting far less expensive than purchasing an entire new piece at a furniture store.

If you do […]

Prepping Antique Furniture for Painting

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Painting a piece of antique furniture might be considered a sin by some. It’s possible that funky old table you found at the thrift store is a valuable piece of furniture, which a coat of paint could completely ruin. Before you break out the sandpaper check a few details to […]

Old Wood Painted Furniture Tips

Flat paint sometimes can work just as well as a primer on old wood furniture. In fact it is better to get a primer in the exact same color as the top coat. For my painted furniture I tend to work with oil paint which is more durable I have found in the long run. […]