The Best Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

Charming rustic antique Latin American painted farmhouse table in vibrant distressed turquoise paint, with turn drawers and turned legs.

Sometimes, it can be a daunting task to choose the right variety of furniture for your outdoor areas. The right outdoor furniture Miami has to be a rare mix of functionality, comfort, and durability.

Of late, wooden furniture has claimed the status of the most preferable open-air furniture. Not only do they offer a quaint look to the sitting area of your patio, or garden, they are also more durable. Given below are some of the best varieties of wood that are resilient to outdoor elements.

1. Pine Creations

This is a variety of softwood that is abundant throughout the hilly areas of the world, including North America. Due to the great supply of this kind of wood, they come at a lower price than their other counterparts. They may be untreated and pressure treated, in accordance to your unique budget. The latter variety, of course, has been known to be more durable.

As for manageability, both kinds of pine furniture can be easily cleaned, and coated with industrial sealers, to ensure that they look new for many years. You should take care, however, to ensure that your outdoor pine furniture should be preserved away from the natural elements, during the winter. This will guarantee their greater longevity.

2. Jarrah Wood Furniture

Wood specialists swear by the fact this kind of hardwood is naturally defiant of fire, termite, and other common maladies of wood. As a result, they need minimum maintenance efforts. Just place them in your outdoor areas, and say goodbye to all your anxieties of losing your patio furniture to the elements of nature.

Although they are more expensive, their sturdiness, along with their unique grain of salmon pink hue, are definitely worth the price. They can be cleaned easily with common bathroom soap, and spruced up with a special finishing material, every once in a while, to maintain their natural polish. They have been known to last as many as five decades, with some elementary care.

3. Teak

Teak is a kind of hardwood that is primarily found in the southern hemisphere of the world. This means that they are heavily imported from Africa, South America, and certain parts of South Asia.

It possesses a honey-brownish hue that turns an antiqued color of light silver gray, if left untreated. It is highly resilient to decay. Thus, you can expose it to the elements to a greater degree, without the fear of losing them. In fact, most teak furniture last as much as 50 years, with very little maintenance efforts put in. A special teak-appropriate soap can be used to wash it, once in a few months.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you want it look appealing to you and your guests. Yet, at the same time, you can not afford to compromise on the hardiness quotient of your furniture, just for the sake of some dainty piece of furniture that only looks pretty, and nothing else. For this precise reason, wooden outdoor furniture is the way to go.

Furniture Stores in FT Lauderdale is one of the best places to pick up your outdoor wooden furniture.

LuuNguyen Co., Ltd. is another leading outdoor wood furiture company. They produce absolutely beautiful garden furniture made from hardwood such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Teak. LuuNguyen garden furniture can be found on Amazon.

Spring and Summer has arrived, and people are always looking at investing in outdoor patio and garden furniture. The slat back chairs have always been a classic European design. In this post we feature several dining chairs which also have slat backs to achieve an antique country Swedish look.

Get some painted furniture ideas from this post- 36 French Landscaping Looks For Your Back Yard

Here are my favorites:

1. LuuNguyen Reclining Folding Arm Chair Set of 2 $179

2. LuuNguyen Hardwood Folding Side Table $43

3. LuuNguyen Folding Table, 28 by 28 by 30-Inches $99

4. LuuNguyen Folding Chair Set of 2 $99

5. LuuNguyen - Lindy Hardwood Chaise Lounge $149

6. LuuNguyen 7-Piece Dining Set $649

7. LuuNguyen Rocking Chair $99

8. LuuNguyen 7-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $800

9. LuuNguyen Four Foot Hardwood Bench $139

10. LuuNguyen 11-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $1000

11. LuuNguyen Five Foot Hardwood Bench $139

12. LuuNguyen 5-Piece Conversation Deep Seating Set

Wonderful, long settee with original paint. Weathered from outdoor use, but could be used indoors as well. Circa- 1860 America

Barcelona Marjoram Garden Bench

Wood furniture allows you the option to customize it with paint to match your existing wood or metal furniture. Wood also allows you to distress furniture in such a way that it doesn't look brand new.

If you choose not to paint your wood furniture, consider cleaning your furniture at regular intervals to keep your furniture in good condition. Cleaning is a must for any patio furniture, but even more so for wood furniture is using a protector for the wood.

- Consider getting an oil based water repellent polyurethane. This is especially necessarily for areas of the country where it rains quite often.

- For sunny regions, polyurethane that has a UV protection capability, or paint that has built in barriers to prevent color fading.

-During the colder months, it's a good idea to store your wood patio furniture inside. Many people do not have the luxury of extra space so consider investing in patio furniture covers for the winter months. If you don't have the space, consider the folding chairs above, which are easier to store.

Other Considerations:

Look at this picture from Petit Trianon - Picture Taken By Heather Clawson. Buy your own wood planter boxes for your own home. -Cedar Wood Raised Planter Box $300, -Branford Large Teak Planter Box $121, -Cedar Planter Box Square $24.97, -Susquehanna Outdoor Barrel Planter, Cedar $49

-SEI Storage Box $349, -SEI Plantation Chair $399, -SEI Teak Lutyens Bench, 5-Feet $649

-Adams Manufacturing Quick-Fold Side Table, Desert Clay $12.72, Berry Blue$14, Fold Side Table White $34, Bright Blue $17 Cafe Table, Desert Clay $34.99

-Faux Ivy Privacy Screen $55, Vinyl Chair Cover $9., Vinyl Chaise Cover $8. Primo Cypress Wood Table Grill $474

Lunch at Petersham Nurseries - 19 by adrianhind, via Flickr

Painted Garden Furniture In Bright Yellow- Featured on

Platform Patio Painted and Accessorized in Shades of Blue and Green

French Painted Metal and Wood Garden Bench

Pastel Painted Potting Bench From Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Painted Potting Bench From Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Painted Terra Cotta Flower Pots

The Garage Turned Garden Shed- Storage Ideas - Country Living

Early 19th century painted high back settle with lift top hideaway storage seat.

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