The Perfect Patio Pieces for a Poolside Summer

Trident Castle Featured In Lonny Aug 2013 Issue

It’s time to gear up for your pool’s favorite season: summer. Naturally, getting your outdoor space ready to go means trimming the grass, sprucing up the garden and cleaning the pool, but it also means making sure your patio furniture is ship-shape for entertaining and lounging poolside.

Tip 1: Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Space

If you live in an area where it rains or where salt spray from the ocean will reach your patio, you do not want steel furniture, says Outdoor Furniture News. The same goes for putting furniture near automatic sprinklers on a patio or poolside: if your pieces have any chance of getting damp (such as a wet swimmer sitting on them), you don’t want steel, because it will rust. Instead, choose aluminum, which won’t react with water to corrode surfaces. When buying, check for signs of quality such as heavy cushions and thick metal frames. If you don’t like the look of metal, choose wood pieces instead, but again make sure their construction is solid and their cushions well-made.

Tip 2: Proper Furniture Care and Weather Treatment

The sun can damage wooden furniture, so apply a UV treatment seasonally and keep it away from harmful rays when not in use. Mop up spills as soon as they occur to avoid letting moisture seep into furniture. Often homeowners don’t address the fact that the cushions on their furniture need to be cleaned as well. The DIY Network offers this simple recipe for homemade cushion cleaner: 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent mixed with a quart of water and a tablespoon of Borax. Mix it all up, then clean cushions with a sponge or pour it into a spray bottle to mist onto outdoor upholstery. Set in the sun, then apply a fabric protector when it is almost dry.

Tip 3: Adding Flair to Your Outdoor Living Area

Completing your look requires more than just furniture. Consider accessories like potted plants or strings of lanterns. You can even add complementary pool liners from places like or Lowes to really enhance your look. Choose a tropical theme, or jazz things up with some brightly colored fish. Integrated water features more your thing? Look into a waterfall from they offer a wide range of different styles, from multi-tiered to ground fountains to wall features, and will design one to your specifications.

Tip 4: Storing Furniture Properly

Don’t leave furniture out to face the elements in wintertime. Move it indoors to a garage or shed to keep it safe from winter sunlight and prevent it cracking. Furthermore, you should always ensure furniture is completely dry before putting it away. This will help it stay clean and prevent mildew of mold from forming on the surfaces of furniture or cushions.

Tip 5: Periodic Maintenance for Outdoor Accessories

All kind of furniture, from umbrellas to hammocks with metal stands to wooden or metal chairs, require maintenance. To keep accessories pretty and functional periodically check your furniture to make sure that screws are tight and pieces are flush against one another. The finish will eventually wear off of wooden furniture, but you can sand it down and restain or repaint to protect it from the elements and keep it looking its best.

Guest Post From Raymond Walker- Ray is a landscaper, mechanic and fix-it guy who enjoys sharing DIY tips and money-saving tricks.

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Trident Castle Featured In Lonny Aug 2013 Issue

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