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Ralph Lauren Paint Shades

Ralph Lauren Paint DeckRalph Lauren paint is carefully chosen paint palettes. Unlike other huge paint manufacturers Ralph Lauren offers limited colors, designed toward a vision. The lines can be broken down into three select groupings.

  1. Classic colors, - hues found in the countryside estate.  These colors evoke the feeling of an old country mansion with hunting dogs, rustic fireplaces, plaid throws. In the Thoroughbred category you'll find deep reds, blues, and greens.
  2. Urban Loft, hues found in downtown Manhattan, office and professional shades. This line contains dark, rich stormy grays, deep-deep reds, and muted earth colors.
  3. Bright & Vibrant- Think about the countryside of France, vibrant shades seen in the summer. Bright yellow, vibrant reds often seen in the flowers growing in the fields of provence France.

Classic Country Colors  - Ralph LaurenClassic Country Colors

Urban Loft Collection By Ralph Lauren2

Urban Loft

Vintage Masters By Ralph Lauren

Vintage Master Colors

How To Find Ralph Lauren:

Sadly Ralph Lauren Paint has been difficult to find, since it is no longer available at The Home Depot. In 2009 when Martha Stewart's brand debuted in Home Depot, Ralph Lauren was pushed out. Ralph Lauren Paint is not available online at Ralph Lauren Home, either. Only small, independent paint stores will carry the line.  Phone your local paint stores.

Who Makes Ralph Lauren Paint?

Ralph Lauren Paint is made by Akzo Nobel N.V., a Dutch company with ties to Alfred Nobel, chemical industry magnate and creator of the Nobel Prize. Akzo Nobel's Decorative Paints Unit, ICI Polska, is based in Poland and is also responsible for other paint brands you might know, such as Dulux and Glidden.


Paint - Ralph Lauren Home -

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Store Locations - Ralph Lauren Home

Faux Finish Color Wash Ralph Lauren Tobacco Stain


Ralph Lauren Paint! - Pinterest

Ralph Lauren Urban Loft Collection

Ralph Lauren Urban Loft Collection

Ralph Lauren Paint Collection Naturals

Ralph Lauren Paint Collection 'Naturals'.

A palette of earthen hues inspired by the raw, elegant beauty of the natural world.

Ralph Lauren Vintage Masters Paint

'Vintage Masters' By Ralph Lauren

A luxurious pallete inspired by the painterly hues of the world's master painters

Ralph Lauren ProductsRalph Lauren Specialty Paint

Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint- Denim Faux Finishes Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint- Denim Faux Finishes (2)

Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint- Denim Faux Finishes

Ralph Lauren Paints
Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint

Ralph Lauren Paints
Ralph Lauren Specialty Paint

Designer Spotlight – Susan’s Painted Furniture -Uniquely Yours or Mine

Susan's Re-Finished Oak Painted Chest Susan's Re-Finished Oak Painted Chest 2Susan's Re-Finished Oak Painted Chest

Re-Published Post From Susan -Uniquely Yours or Mine

I don’t normally name my furniture but the name “the General” (not really a name I know) just came to me as I was waxing this beautiful vintage oak chest. I was so very lucky to have found the chest in the condition it was in… only cosmetic issues. All of the escutcheon plates and handles were still attached, the drawers were in fabulous condition and there were no gouges or missing anything… pretty rare for a piece with this kind of age to it!

I opted to sand the finish off of the top (versus stripping) it was cold and I prefer to sand a finish away if possible… having said that it did take me quite a long time to remove the old finish from the top as oak is a VERY hard wood species! I used 100-150-220 grit sandpaper in that order to remove the old finish.

The finish on the handles is what I discovered under all of the years of dirt and grime. I soaked the handles overnight in a solution of ammonia and water and brushed them with a soft brush… super easy! I had planned on painting them but I really like how the finish looks with the new paint scheme! Can you see the stars..?

I The stained the top “Kona” and I applied a coat of Briwax Dark Wax to the oak top once the stain had dried, about 24 hours. The drawers and cabinet are painted in a base coat of Old Ochre and a top coat of Coco Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I didn’t use any sandpaper to distress the chest, just warm water and a scrub sponge, super easy! I applied a coat of clear Briwax to the painted areas… that wax smells but it is so much easier to work with than some of the other popular waxes, I really do love it!

Look at more of Susan's stunning furniture at  Uniquely Yours or Mine

About Susan:

Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a furniture hoarder… whew, now that I have said that I feel so much better! Anyway, I started this whole furniture refinishing and blogging business in 2011 and I have LOVED every minute of it! It’s not “easy” by any means but it allows me to utilize my creative side and meet lots of wonderful people… it is seriously my dream occupation! I have been refinishing furniture for myself for over 20 years but never gave any thought to doing this for others until my kids had gotten to the point that they didn’t need me as much… sad but true!

Susan's French Painted Table

It’s All About the Legs! Check out this transformation here

Nightstands Susan

Susan's Table Transformations here

Uniquely Yours or MineGray Painted Desk Table

Susans Nightstands

Stunning Nightstand Transformations- Before and after pictures here

Stunning Coffee Table Transformation

Spectacular Coffee Table Transformation here

Susan's Buffet Revitalization..

Buffet Revitalization - Check out the amazing before and after pictures here

A Beautiful Dresser in Coco and Old WhiteA Beautiful Dresser in Coco and Old White - See it here


Renewed Cedar Chest - See it here

Incorporating Red and Green Color Shades in Your Home

Julia Reed's 1847 Greek Revival House In New Orleans

Julia Reed's 1847 Greek Revival House In New Orleans

Most of the people think that red and green suits only in festive season like on Christmas but it is not true. The red and green are such beautiful and vibrant colors as they can glorify your home at any time. Be bold and don’t be shy on using the pop of red and green in your home even when it’s not Christmas. The red and green with stunning accents such as golden, white, yellows, lavenders and oranges makes a magical colorful home. It is not necessary to use the red and green at the same time. You can incorporate only green or only red to have a ravishing décor of your home. Let me help you how to use these bold colors in your home.

Go green in your living room:

You can go green in your living room in the following ways

·If you have combined are for the kitchen and the living room then lime green dividers will look beautiful to separate the kitchen area.

·Keep the kitchen in the neutral colors and decorate the living room with earthy tones of green.

·For a more visible add a chair or sofa in lime green. Don’t be afraid of lime green. It looks great and will catch the eye of any visitor.

·Use the green pillows on white or rustic sofa. It will look stunning.

1 Sunset November 2012

Sunset November 2012

How about a red living room?

Red is the color of passion so if you are passionate enough use the red in your living room. Red will always be used with different accents. You can use it in the following ways

·For a living room with complementary color Platte, a use of paintings having red as dominant color will enhance the glamour of the living room. If the red is too dominating use the vintage style cheap canvas print along with it to offset the dominance of red.

·Add red and blue rug with blue color Platte of the living room

·Red drapes with white walls and windows are perfect window treatment.

·Hang a large mirror painted in red on the front wall of the living room. It will become the focal point in your living room.

·A sky blue sofa can be are elegant choice for a modern living room.

· Decorate your banister with red- place small pots of red roses at the bottom of the banister. It will glorify the entire look of your home. And if you want to go green then paste the artificial green bushes on the banister. It will look as if you have brought the outdoors inside your home.

·The mantel is the place to change up your decorating ideas. Consider using green glass bottles, fill them with water and place flowers in it.

Outdoor décor with red and green:

The other way to incorporate red outside is to paint the main door in red paint.  Place the lush green distressed urns near the door and welcome your guests with vibrant colors.

Have fun and play with the psychology of red and green.

About the Author:

AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography. His expertise belongs to

India Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

India Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

Antique Original Pleyel & Co. Painted Chinese Chippendale Custom Made Grand Seen at Antique Piano Shop

Antique Original Pleyel & Co. Painted Chinese Chippendale Custom Made Grand

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