Green Dreams: Environmentally Friendly Restoration Furniture

Chicken Wire Panelled French Armoire Holding A Collection Of Hats

Art dealer Guy Morrison and Penny Morrison Wales Home.

There's nothing better than polishing off your favorite room with a hypnotizing piece of furniture that gets all your visitors talking, except maybe a hand-painted piece created with environmentally friendly supplies and practices. Traditional furniture refinishing practices can be teeming with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can negatively affect your respiratory system and the environment, but there are plenty of green, earth-friendly ways for you to give your home the hand-crafted beauty you dream about.

This year, why display your Mother's Day flowers with pride on something you hand finished for the occasion? Furniture gives our homes character, prestige, comfort, and a unique sense of you.

Sealed With A Twist

Using a non-toxic stripping agent to get rid of the old paint or stain is the greenest way to go. Products like Franmar's Soy Gel Paint and Urethane Remover work well to remove all types of abrasive paint and stain (even lead, but it's probably best not to handle anything with traces of lead on it), while still being gentle on the environment. This product is also 100 percent biodegradable. It works by trapping particles within itself and keeping you from being exposed to them.

Ventilation Station

Breathing in fumes from old stain or paint, and adding new stain or paint can create toxic runoff that affects you and your surroundings. If you have a garage, workshop, or even a storage shed, working from within it will help contain any harmful dust or debris from being let out into your yard or the surrounding area.

Detox Rocks

While you're working with furniture and refinishing, even if you're savvy enough to use natural products, it is still important to protect your lungs and the surrounding area from exposure to any past harmful chemicals the piece has been treated with. A sturdy vacuum of the area and an N95 mask should do the trick.

Pick Your Paint

VOC-free paints are optimal for refinishing your piece. After centuries of trying to perfect and improve how we color our furniture, it's no surprise that our ancestors who lived off the land may have known a thing or two about using the earth's natural bounty of resources to create a beautiful piece of furniture. Milk paints are another sensational source of color and mystique to use on your pieces, a throwback and a beautiful way to polish your pieces. If you're going for the au-natural semi-finished look, you can make your own furniture polish by combining two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice, (virgin olive oil is not recommended) and applying in circles with a cheesecloth.

Authored By Michelle Alvarez- Michelle is a DIY kind of gal. She is constantly coming up with crafts and projects that are cheap, easy and fun.

Stoneware Studios produce in Ireland a range of Natural Limewashes and Traditional Paints for historic buildings. We are also the national distributor for the highly acclaimed Earthborn range of paints and decoration products.

Earthborn is a range of eco paints and natural varnishes designed to provide a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints and varnishes. Whether you are looking for VOC free paint, organic paint and varnish, water-based paint, water-based varnish or high performance paints and varnishes, Earthborn Paints has the product you require in its portfolio of natural and eco friendly paints and varnishes.

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie

Distressed Blue Painted French Blue Cabinet With Chicken Wire

Country Living Magazine

Cream Painted Armoire- Unknown Credit

Designer Rachel  Ashwell

Art dealer Guy Morrison and Penny Morrison Wales Home.

Painted Hutch Featured in French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Art dealer Guy Morrison and Penny Morrison Wales Home.

Red Painted Cabinet Featured in Skona Hem Magazine

White Painted Furniture tolix chairs, Swedish Wood Country Chair

Lisa Fine Textiles

Furniture restoration expert Carolyn Pickell has refurbished most of the furniture in  her store Side Furniture on San Pablo Avenue including; the french chair with vintage upholstery that she painted pink, Photo: Kat Wade Read more

Romance With Flowers- See This Whole Store Here.

Pink Farmtable- Faded Plains Blog

Worcestershire Barn Conversion- House To Home Magazine

Vibeke Design

Vibeke Design

All Dolled Up - Reclaimed Furniture By Hand

All Dolled Up - Reclaimed Furniture By Hand

All Dolled Up - Reclaimed Furniture By Hand

JoAnn Barwick's Blue and White Home Florida- Freshome

JoAnn Barwick's Blue and White Home Florida- Freshome

JoAnn Barwick's Blue and White Home Florida- Freshome

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